Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Final Exam + Revesion Week= BLACKOUT!

Final Exam is just around the corner...haizz...its make me dizzy when thinking about it. Now is revision week, but there's the barrier for me to do a revision...my hostel rite now is black out!!!! damn it. We just connected our extension wire to the next house. Its only to connect with tv, refrigerators and laptop. The lamp is not. So, i cant study well at day, i would like study at night, but the lamp is not functioning rite now..and that make me sick! MANAGMENT!!! PLS REPAIR THE MAIN SWITCH ASAP! Hope that tomorrow there will be someone to fix it up. I cant bear everynight to be in darkness, walking around like a blind person... :'(

Watever it is...Final Exam will come Azfar. So, Do ur best!!!!

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