Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friendship. :)

Yea, friendship mean so deep to me. Everyone have their friend rite, and it’s a lie if they didn’t have it. DUH! 
I got so many friends from I young till now. All of them are so good to me even 1 of them is blacklisted now.

I really sad that why that why that person do the bad things to me, first I try to apologize that person, but he repeat the same things, stab on my back. Hurmmm. I will never try to approach him again. Well, that my principle rite now. When someone done too badly to me, well, I will never approach that person again, even he bows down to me. Just ask the forgiveness to the GOD. I apologizing u, but I will never talk to you. I don’t want to be hurt or stab back. So, beware. 

And now about TRUE friendship!!  Well, true friendship for me is,
1)      Always is side of me whatever is happening.
2)      Always through together the problems. Never stand-alone coz u can’t do it alone. Believe me.
3)      When we far apart, always KIT to each other.
4)      When we meet at somewhere (we never meet for long time), we approach to each other, not to run away when saw each other! That called BUSTARD! Wakak!
Well, that’s it. I think there are lots more. :D and I know that u all can give a definition by the way you like.

I got lots of friend at High school. The closest to me, they’re Wasi, Irsyad, Kadir, Razki, Mirul, Sufami, Migi, Eeim, Are-are, Napi, Zaki and some of them I forgot their name. (Sorry guys, I love u ok!)

At college, I also got new friends, Awind, Ayes, Meow, Sha-sha, and so on. They’re so nice to me and I done the same thing to them. Now, on this day, on this hours, on this minute, on this second, u make me alive. Without u ols, I maybe fall. :D thx God, to meet us. When one day I need to go far away, just always keep in touch, remember me as I remember all of u.
That’s all for today. TQ. < curi ayat ayes! Hahaha!! /bye

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