Sunday, June 19, 2011

19 June 2011

Lots of fun today! Its my birthday, the 19th birthday. My bestfriend Ayes, bought me a cake, really nice cake to celebrate it. For the first at all, I didn't know they were planned for it.

23:00 18 June 2011. I just done my bath, and I'm just so tired with my day, and my coughing that isn't stopping. So, I lying on my bed, watching tv and ввм - ing with my friend and Facebooking. They turn off the lamp, I wondering why they're so early to turn off the lamp today. Well, maybe everyone is tired with clinical posting.

2345 18 June 2011. Well, I just can't stand with my cough medicine, its make me sleepy, I already covered my self with blanket, so comfortable. I'm listening to my playlist of Yuna songs, its bring me away from my reality world, to dream world.

0000 19 June 2011. My room door opened, then I heard lots of people caroling, bring a cake with light candle on it. My friends, they're celebrating my birthday.

I'm so happy with it, they spend lots of money for it. Really-really appreciate it guys! :D

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