Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hello hello hello guys!! This entry post I would like to share about my new semester!! Semester 3 year 1 in DIN!! For this semester kinda tough for us because of our situation and the subjects!!! Grrrr!!

Situation - we need to pay for Rm 50 per month for our transport. Haizzz. The college didn't support our transportation from my hostel here to the college, so its by own our own to find the transport!! Kinda suck ok. Then we need to come in the morning even our class is in the evening. -_- that's badass.

Subject - hallelujah for our new subjects!! Health Science 3 & 4 and Nursing Science 3!!! Health science 3 is all about drugs, we need to know the name of them, their functions, how to calculate em..ok. That's really adventure for me. MATH ok!? I hate it. And for Health science 4 is all about PARASITES!! -_- . Nursing science 3 we learning about new procedure like dressing, asepsis and more.

So that's it!! My new sem 3. And for my first day, I already felt boring with HS3. Hahahahah! Its a kinda dry subject!!

I also attach my first day pic there, its actually a tired face, but.. SMILE!!! *pretending ler..*
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