Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012 is HERE~

After for a long time, i reappear again. kihkihkih~ btw..for this post i would like to share about that big event that my friend gonna celebrate and me too. There's 2 big event, it is Christmas day and 2012 countdown.

Christmas : For thos who's celebrating it, merry Christmas day. Do not drink to much, please think about you health too. :D

2012! : Blablablabla~ 2011 gonna end its year in 10 days more. The time passing by really fast, its just like yesterday we celebrate 2011 countdown at Grappa with my friends. And for this year, its still unknown yet, are we gonna celebrate it or not. So, what was happen on 2011 is soooo tiring me, sooo make me growing up to be a matured man. 2011 which teach me how to living with different people with different race, its also teach me how's feeling in the ward as a nurse, its also teach me how to tackle our exam well and more. So, "ambil yang jernih, buang yang keruh".

I hope everyone have a great 2011 life. Im sure there's a sad moment, happy moment, and so on. We're human. Without that all feeling, its just like we're not isn't? so it is life as human. Whatever it is. We have to move on as a good human and for our good future. That's all guys. See ya.

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