Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot Hot Hot day is HERE!!

Guys, can't u feel HOT day recently is here nowadays at Malaysia. I bet u do. This hot day make us easily to sweat and dehydrated much then can bring us to fall in sick!! So, here some tips to keep fit in the hot dayyyyyyy~

1. Drink lotsa of plain water / mineral water. At least 2/L p day!
2. Get enough supplement for each day like vitamin C!
3. Don't forget to have a bfast, lunch and dinner!
4. Go and get your hand dirty at the gym.

So they're a simplest thing we can do in our busy daily life! How busy u're, don't forget to stay fit. Take care of yourself, can take care of others too. So, see ya guys! :D KIT!

STN M. Shahrul.

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