Saturday, August 7, 2010

SEGi Univercity College. Diploma in Nursing Batch 11!

Well, today i would like to introduce my classmate at SEGi Uni. College. Diploma in Nursing (DIN) Batch 11.
Our total of about 40 people, but closed to me is Awind, Shasha, Ayes, and PB! Girls who is next to my right is Awin. next to my left is Ayes, at my back is Jc. Right to Jc is Shasha n Left To Jc is Grey her bf n we called them PB!!! and meet our Mr. Skeleton!!

Poor see Mr.Skeleton treated that way.

Later...if we already have SEGi Nurse Uniform...this is how we look like. xD

But its not mine at's belong to my senior. Ok. Thats all for SEGi. Uni. College. DIN Batch 11! See ya on other page.

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