Saturday, January 29, 2011

The end of SEM 1.

Well, we batch 11 DIN already done our sem 1. Lots od things that we learnt about Nursing. Nursing is a challenging job, Nursing is to deal with human being, Nursing is a important role in the hospital, and Nursing is not an low professional.
We learnt about Behavioural Science, its taught the way how to speak with client, how to give a advice, how to counselling, how to approach and what are the reactions of nurse to dealing with patient that’s in problems. Well, its a very use full skill for nursing professional because they are dealing with many of different type of client.
We have learnt about Nursing Science, it’s all about how nurse is going to do their work, its bed making, sponging, cleaning, and more. As a nurse is not an easy work at all.
then we learning about Health Science, this subject is all about ur anatomy and physiology. How its look like, how did it work, what are there functions, and what is in there. Its a miracle.
Well, as a memory, we take some pic. Here it is.

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