Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Climbing of Mount Serapi

Well, its was a very exited and fun moment. Its instigation by our college, SEGi College Sarawak, FNAH. All of us 40 something, some are nurses and some are MLT's. We start to climb from 10:00. Well, at the same time, there's is other group also climbing the mount, and it is KKM. The top of the mount is 2800ft. Its so far from starter...we walking, we running, we singing, we talking, we gossiping, while we go to the top. My friend Ayes, sing a song of Akedemi Fantasia theme song, it is to give us spirit to reach the top. Start from 2000ft, the haze is around us, at that time, we felt cold but its not to cold. That the first time i walk through the havy haze.


IMG01153-20110220-1100      IMG01146-20110220-1026


IMG01167-20110220-1133      IMG01171-20110220-1142 (2)

After that, we going to the waterfall of mount Serapi. The water was so cold and i cant swim for long time, just only a few minutes i start to shivering. On the way we go to the waterfall, i felt for once, and it was so hurt!

so, thats all for this post! See you later guys!!! /bye

**sorry for long time i didt update my blog, its kinda bz with new sem.

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