Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Howla howla! Its since been long time i haven't updated my blogs, kinda of busy with day tho. So, in this entry..i like to share about my OSCE and INTERVIEW!

I thinks it is almost the same think..but it is not!

Ok, what is OSCE, OSCE i stand for... Objective Structure Clinical Examination.
Which mean, we gonna do the exam in physically, not in MCQ or MEQ! 
But we already postponed for it around 3 OSCE already.. =_= kinda stupid management! and we BATCH 11 of DIP in Nursing, gonna sit for 3 osce! luckily we dont have to sit 4 osce!!
So far we already passed OSCE 1, and half of OSCE 2! YEA...its bad!! dont ask me how im doing it...
and i have half of OSCE 2 go..and OSCE 3 is SOON!

About OSCE 3, we just learned about it..and our target is not full yet...and!!!! WE GONNA SIT FOR IT! WAHHHH!!!


2.5.2012. i got interview...its about my mom..and dad..the first place where i should go before SEGi College to take Nursing. So, if i got the interview...i go...if not i stay. :) 

That's all lah...nothing more to talk. See you soon guys! Take care ha!

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