Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Well, last Saturday is my first experienced of resuscitation at ward. It's actually im just watching it from outside of screen, but sudden that my Clinical Instructor ask me to go and join, the pt. im going to resus is my case presentation pt. I knew him well about his disease and some history.
He was kind, funny, and kind of happy person when i was first met him.
After around 30 minutes i join the resus, the Dr just said that, "we can't help anymore.."
In my head, that's all?? WHY?? You're Dr. you can do that!!!?? JUST KEEP CPR!
But, they're Dr. not GOD.
I just get out from that screen, and sit at the back of ward, thinking about my pt. crying as well.
Why must he go really fast.
If i had a magic to heal him...
If there's a miracle..can save him.

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